The Historical Sites Augmented Reality for Tourists Project (HISARTUR) focuses on the development of a service running in the cloud and downloaded on smart mobile devices that can provide a new experience when visiting open air areas like Battlegrounds, Ancient Building sites or other Relevant Historical sites where significant events took place. The application will provide complete visual augmented reality experience in accelerated time that will allow reenacting in 3D the events based on the historical available facts documented for the visitor based on the available historical images or simulate alternatives to the actual events with a War Gaming Capability. Armies’ deployment, individual troop’s situation, armament and evolution and the effect of the enemy fire power on them will be visible in the AR image with possibility of representing a bird’s eye view of the event, the individual soldier visual experience or reverting to the 2D evolution of the event.

This will be linked to other platforms included in the exploitation plans for the Project, providing extensive tourist services,shops: selling related gadgets, books and multimedia, hotels, excursion planning and including social networks and Mod Teams to enable the sharing and improving of the experience.

HISARTOUR has a consortium balanced with companies of location related development, experts in mobile applications, software integrators and end-user service providers with other partners well connected with the Tourist Industry its final customer.

Studies show that the mobile applications have a promising evolution, and it is also evident that the use of the wireless telephones is being modified evolving from the voice communications to the applications of added value.

The growing of mobile devices market is changing not only communication, but also the way in which the users enjoy new experiences in open AR (Augmented Reality) environements. In fact, Spain is the European country with most smartphones per capita, with a penetration rate of 46.3% and is also the European country with the highest growth rate of smartphones, with a rate of 20% compared to the EU average of 11%. On the other hand, the free mobile games market has grown significantly, especially in developing countries. For example, in Turkey the market has increased by 534% in the last 2 years.

This growth will require a great demand in applications and there will be a great niche in the type of applications that arise in this project as potentially anyone with a mobile phone or tablet is a potential end user of the developments carried out with the generated tools. At this point it directly affects the impact of the proposed solution, as thanks to HISARTOUR, the promising future of tourist applications.

The HISARTOUR application has a high graphic technological content that will be transparent to the user. It starts with the extraction of highly detailed public map data from photographic surveys adapting it to be used in smart phones with various navigating functionalities : being able to look over the horizon , to change the orientation and tilt to accelerate event. It can be superimposed on the observed image ,and finally to have superimposed AR elements of moving images for example representing dynamically the movement of troops or cannon in the field to achieve a realistic impression of the actual battle.

The main purpose is to provide the user with additional incentives to visit a specific tourist places and provide for them new experiences based on the reconstruction of historical event or on the possible on line interaction with other participants , or by modifying these events achieve a better understanding of the dynamics of the history and enjoy a new experience.

Finally the Platform will be open to be enriched by the collaboration of expert users (Mods) that can add add new detail to an already very rich experience.


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